Posted by: Jamie | April 28, 2010

2010 Top Walker Results – Week 1

A big congratulations goes out to all MIMC participants!  We had some very impressive results from those of you who reported your total amount of steps for Week 1 – which keeps us all motivated to continue walking!  The highest number of steps reported was over 190,000 steps!  Let’s beat that total next week!

Highest Number of Individual Steps

1.  Benjamin Battista – Riverside Admin.

2. Lisa Myers – Park District

3. Mary Siegel – Probate

4. Tom Kendall – *Spouse

5. Holly Veach – Riverside Children’s Services

*spouses who have registered for Move It Miami County may include their individual steps, however, those steps are not included in the department averages.

Highest Department Average (weeks 1)

*Department averages are calculated by taking the total number of steps reported divided by the total number of people registered in that department. Remind all of your fellow MIMC department members to submit their steps each Monday to keep your average accurate!

1.  Riverside Children’s Services

2. JFS: Job & WIA

3. JFS: Child Support

4. Riverside Adminstration

5. Probate

A complete list of participants’ reported steps can be found on the Move It Miami County page of the OSU Extension, Miami County website here.


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